Stiff-leg Deadlift exercise

Deadlift exercises are always a must for me on leg day! Not only has it toned and shaped my legs (primarily my hamstrings) but it has also improved the shape of my booty big time! And who doesn’t want a great butt!

There are several variations to this exercise, the one I did on the video below is called stiff-leg deadlift. Here are some things you want to keep in mind when doing this exercise for great form. The small plates my feet are on are optional. They allowed me to get a better stretch and really focus on pulling the weight up with my hamstrings and booty (since you are force to press from your heels)

Heres what to focus on!

  • Keep a slight bent on the knee (making sure not to lock the knees)
  • Make sure your back is straight as you go down your legs with the weight, keeping the weight close to your legs.
  • As you come up with the weight make sure you are using your legs (mainly hamstrings) and booty to lift up! And don’t forget to squeeze that booty at the top!
  • If you are feeling any pain in your back, your form is not right! Make sure to adjust before continuing, to avoid any injuries.
  • Start off with a low weight if you are new to this exercise to master the form first, then work your way up every week!
  • Don’t just go through the motion, really focus on the muscle you are trying to develop. I promise it really makes a difference!
  • Do 10 reps x 3




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